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Eligibility: Under the McKinney­Vento Act, children and youth lacking a “fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence” have the right to STLS services. You qualify for the STLS program if you are currently living: in a shelter, doubled ­up at the residence of relatives, friends, or others due to a loss of permanent housing, in a hotel, motel, trailer park, or camping ground due to a loss of permanent housing, in cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, bus or train stations, or other inadequate shelter, temporarily housed (under temporary custody) while awaiting DCFS foster care placement, couch surfing, or as a refugee or migrant in any of the above situations. Enrollment : Runaway, locked ­out, or otherwise unaccompanied youth (youth not in custody of a parent, guardian, institution, or the state) can enroll themselves in school and the STLS program and are entitled to all the same rights listed below. If you are able to graduate before the age of 21 (even if you had previously dropped out), you have the right to enroll in: the school you attended when last permanently housed (school of origin), the school you were last enrolled in (school of origin), or any school with enrollment open to children and youth. Immediate enrollment: The schools mentioned above must immediately enroll you even if you lack health, immunization or school records, proof of guardianship, or proof of residency. Even if you have dropped out and are returning to school, you must be immediately enrolled (if you can finish before the age of 21). Services: Schools receive funds to provide services to students in temporary living situations and to continue these services until the end of the school year in which these students become permanently housed. These services include (but are not limited to) waiver of mandatory school fees, transportation, provision of school uniforms, a backpack and school supplies, enrollment in the free lunch program, tutoring, and (if offered at the school) medical, dental, vision and mental health services. Enrolling in STLS: To enroll in the STLS program, ask to speak with the STLS clerk or liaison at your school. He or she will ask you to fill out forms for enrollment and specific STLS services, such as transportation assistance, school uniforms, fee waivers and supplies. Be sure to fill out a form for each request you make through STLS. The clerk or liaison should go through all forms with you, and answer any questions you may have. While you can enroll your self in school and the STLS program, you can also bring a trusted adult with you if you wish. You may enroll in the program at any time during the school year. If you continue to need STLS services, you must reenroll each school year. Once enrolled in the program, however, students may continue receiving STLS services for the duration of that school year, even if they become permanently housed. If you have questions about enrollment in school, or want more information about the rights of homeless studen ts in the Chicago Public Schools, call STLS at 773-553-2242. If you want more information about the rights of homeless students in Illinois, call the Illinois State Board of Education at 800-215-6379.

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