Public Internet Access

@ Harry S. Truman College

Program Description

No unsupervised youth under the age of 16 may access any PCC. To facilitate use of equipment by youth younger than 16 years of age, supervision must be provided by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years old and who may consent to various applicable laws, ordinances, policies, procedures, regulations, and rules. In addition to any and all applicable federal, state, local, municipal and CCC policies, procedures, rules and regulations, all users of CCC information resources must comply with the CCC Responsible Computer Use Policy as provided at Section 6.0 of the CCC Board Policies and Procedures for Management and Government. A copy of the policy is conveniently located at Should a new version of the policy be published, it may be found by navigating to the Board Policies and Procedures link off of the CCC Board of Trustees page located at 18+

Hours of Operation

Varies— see details

Services Available

internet access

  • Ages 18
  • Contact Info

    1145 W. Wilson
    Chicago, IL

    Phone number: 7739074000


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